Cucina di Casa

Our Cuisine

What boils in the "Cazzarola"?

We offer you our heart and cuisine with the ancient recipes of our grandmothers. Fresh handmade pasta such as scialatielli, ravioli, the original “Gnocchi alla Sorrentina” and the authentic Neapolitan Lasagna. Everything according to tradition! Fresh fish and first choice meat to top it all off! Inside our dishes with the authenticity of the ingredients, the passion for quality and good living, to give you the poetry of a meal that is our everything..

The desserts are all home-made and are always fresh. They are prepared every day by the expert hands of the master pastry chefs who, with love and passion, churn out delicacies every morning in our laboratory in via San Paolo. In the “Dessert” menu you will find cannoli, babà, tiramisu and all traditional Italian desserts. Furthermore, we are particularly attentive custodians of the true recipe for the “Delizia al Limone”, as well as that of the Caprese cake.

Everything that comes from our kitchen is grown in the heart