Ours is a… home trattoria!
In the historic center of Sorrento, for a stop in the name of good and good taste, but at the right prices.

We at “La Cazzarola” have chosen the colors of the sea and the artistic tradition of the ceramics of a Sorrentine artist, for a restaurant that marries the certainties of ancient flavors with modern design, re-presenting the story that the dishes tell with the taste of new things.

Everything gives voice to a generous territory: the highest quality cured meats that wink from the counter at the entrance. The clusters of the legendary Piennolo cherry tomatoes, which color the shelves and counters of the bar, with the heads of garlic and onion, daughters of a land that has fed its children for centuries.

We at “La Cazzarola” cultivate a love for simple and timeless things.

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We offer you heart and cuisine with the ancient recipes of our grandmothers and many products to take home, so that the memory of the emotions experienced is maintained as long as possible, relying on the tradition of our suppliers, such as the Gargiulo Oil Mill and the Scala Dairy …

Inside our dishes there is the authenticity of the ingredients, the passion for quality and good living, to give you the poetry of a meal that is our everything.

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Sit back, take a deep breath and indulge in our stove.

This is ‘La Cazzarola, home cooking’!

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In the morning it is possible to taste our “light lunch” proposals: omlette, salads, club sandwiches, pizza and much more …

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